Liposomal Vitamins Research And Development

The heart of liposomal encapsulation technology comes down to liposomes, but what exactly are they? Here is a quick guide to what liposomes are, how they work and how they are made.

Essentially, Liposomal Encapsulation Technology consists of microscopic healthy fat particles which are made up of phospholipids along with water soluble vitamins and minerals. This technology has been used for many years as a way of delivering small amounts of therapeutic substances to the specific tissues of the body, without affecting any other part of the body.

How Does it Work?

How it works is that the liposomes form a microscopic bubble made from layers of special types of molecules known as phospholipids. It is a membrane, very similar to the type of membrane that surrounds the cells within your body. This membrane contains and protects whatever substance is inside.

Many years ago, researchers discovered that these liposomes could be filled with therapeutic agents and nutrients. The membrane would hold in the substance while the supplement was ingested and would not release it until it had reached the appropriate tissues or body part.

This incredible technology works because of a natural phenomenon that actually makes life as we know it possible. This is the natural behaviour of phospholipids to form tiny bubbles when they are within an aqueous solution under the right conditions. These small bubbles are called “liposomes’ and they become automatically filled with the aqueous solution that they were in before they were formed. So, for example, when they are within a Vitamin C supplement solution they become filled to the brim with liquid Vitamin C. These little bubbles of Liposomal Vitamin C stay intact until they are delivered directly to the right part of the body.

Several different healthy substances, such as vitamins, minerals and other supplements can be encapsulated within these liposome membranes. They are designed not only to protect the nutritional supplement from degrading conditions within the environment, but also to deliver the nutrients in a targeted manner to specific structures of the body.

How are Liposomal Vitamins Made?

LivOn Labs uses liposomal technology in their supplements in order to increase the effectiveness of these health products. They have recently perfected a Vitamin C supplement which is called Altrient C. This is a rebrand of the Lypo-Spheric Vitamin C product. This supplement is designed with liposomal encapsulation technology which is especially designed for food supplements.

This supplement is designed to deliver the Vitamin C directly to the parts of your body that need it the most. This type of liposomal encapsulation technology is the most elegant and efficient oral delivery system that has ever been developed to date.

In order to make these highly sophisticated supplements, LivOn Labs will initially create a mixture consisting of essential phospholipids (primarily phosphatidylcholine) to pharmaceutical-quality sodium ascorbic. In the next step this mixture will be sprayed through a nozzle jet at a pressure of more than 1700 pounds per square inch onto a specially designed forming plate. This extremely high impact is what causes the phospholipids to form their liposomes. These liposomes are so incredibly small that they can only be viewed through an electron microscope. The smaller they are, the better, as this means that they are more suited to moving quickly and efficiently to their target before they release their contents.

An Optimum System for Vitamin C Delivery

These small liposomes filled with Vitamin C provide the perfect transport system for a number of reasons. They will initially disperse in the water or beverage and then quickly navigate through the digestive system. They don’t require any digestive activity as they will rapidly absorb into the small intestine and be transported by the bloodstream intact. They will be delivered directly to the cells that need Vitamin C throughout the body. This is much more effective than a Vitamin C tablet which is very likely to be oxidized, neutralised and even expelled before it reaches the cells that need it.

This powerful and non-degraded Vitamin C will be absorbed and metabolised by the cells that need it, without the use of any fillers, binders, gelatin, sweeteners, dyes, capsule materials or flavourings that are commonly used in other supplements.

LivOn Labs is the Manufacturer of Altrient C, a highly effective liposomal vitamin C and a European rebrand of the popular Lypo-spheric product.