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Neutrient Butterfat Keto MCT Powder

Creamer with added MCT Oil & Microbiotic Spores

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Wake up your fat burning with Butterfat Keto - the ultimate keto creamer.

Butterfat Keto is a unique powder blend of coconut sourced MCT oil containing C8 medium chain triglycerides with deliciously creamy organic ghee and butter from grass-fed, pasture-raised herds plus heat stable spore-forming Bacillus coagulans and Bacillus subtilis. Unlike other fats, MCT gets burned for fuel rather than stored as fat.

Why choose Neutrient Butterfat Keto?

  • 4g (40%) C8 MCT in every serving for effective ketogenic support
  • Organic ghee and butter for luxury creamy taste
  • 300 million cfu B.coagulans and B.subtilis spores
  • Heat-stable microbiome spores perfect for hot drinks
  • Acacia gum fibre a food source for gut microbes
  • Resistant maltodextrin a food source for gut microbes
  • Neutral taste for adding to coffee, tea or smoothies
  • No additives, sweeteners, flavourings
  • 2-year shelf life, recyclable packaging

Medium chain triglycerides help provide key nutrition for:

  • a delicious morning keto coffee or tea experience
  • ketone production to fuel body and brain cells
  • nourishment during intermittent fasting
  • supporting satiety and curbing cravings
  • supporting weight management strategies

Read more about MCT powder and it's benefits on our blog.


    MCT bypasses digestion, is rapidly absorbed into the bloodstream, heads straight to the liver and gets quickly converted into ketones, a powerful fuel for body and brain cells. Unlike other triglycerides, MCT gains rapid access into the mitochondria without the assistance of carnitine. 


    • Sugar
    • Gluten
    • Soy
    • Palm oil

    • Paleo and ketogenic diets
    • Intermittent fasting strategies
    • Low carb, high fat diets (LCHF)
    • Sports and endurance athletes
    • Weight management strategies
    • As an alternative to in-between meal snacks

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    MCT Oil Butterfat Keto Recipes

Turn your morning coffee or afternoon tea into a creamy keto experience with a serving of ButterFat Keto MCT Powder. To avoid clumping, place 10g (2 tablespoons) into the cup, add a little hot or cold water, stir until dissolved, then top up with your drink. Or simply blend with a smoothie, stir into yoghurt or drink with hot or cold water.

Medium chain triglycerides (coconut derived), butter (milk) from grass-fed herds, coconut oil, milk protein, soluble fibre (resistant maltodextrin), acacia gum, Bacillus coagulans and Bacillus subtilis (heat stable microbiome spores).

To avoid any initial digestive discomfort start with half a serving (5g) and increase slowly to a full serving.

For allergens see ingredients in bold. This product is packed in a facility where nuts may be present.

Q. What is the optimal serving size?

A. A 10g daily serving or 2 tbsp is recommended as a good baseline and provides 4g of pure C8.

Q. Does taking MCT powder break my fast?

A. Anything other than water, black tea, black coffee or herbal teas does break a fast and stop autophagy. The benefit of MCT is that even though you have consumed calories and nourishment, the MCT fats and C8 help to keep your body in fat burning mode.

Q. How do you make a bulletproof coffee?

A. Most bulletproof coffee recipes involve weighing butter, making coffee, using your blender and doing a fair bit of washing up. Butterfat Keto is the ultimate no mess, no fuss, no faff way to make a bulletproof keto coffee. Just add 2 tablespoons of Butterfat Keto to your mug, dissolve with a little hot water and top up with your favourite coffee!

Q. Can I take MCT throughout the day?

A. Yes, you can enjoy MCT powder all through the day. Adding MCT to workout smoothies, tea and coffee helps quieten down cravings and hunger pangs so you can avoid unhealthy snacks. 

Q. Can I cook with MCT powder?

A. Yes, you can! The MCT fats and heat-stable microbiome spores are stable up to 150°C suitable for low temperature recipe.

Q. Do I need to store MCT powder in the fridge?

A. Unless you live in a very hot climate or during the hot summer months MCT powder is fine to be stored at room temperature, away from direct sunlight or heat source.

Q. Can MCT powder be added to food?

A. Yes, MCT adds a luxurious creamy taste to smoothies, soups and can be stirred into yoghurt.

Q. Are there any side-effects from taking MCT?

A. Some people experience digestive discomfort with MCT oil, especially at high doses. However, MCT powders deliver MCT fats into the digestive system in a much gentler way, so side-effects are less likely to occur. If you do experience discomfort, take a break for a few days, re-introduce at a much smaller dose, just 1 tsp a day, gradually increasing to 2 tbsp over a few weeks.