Liposomal Supplements - The New Kids On The Block

Liposomal supplements genuinely work, nutritionist Jacqueline Newson explains how these easy-to-take supplements can benefit your health.

Liposomal Supplements - The New Kids On The Block

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Are you ready for something that's actually going to make a huge difference to your health? Good because, hallelujah - Altrient have produced a liposomal supplement range that is not only easy to take but also genuinely works!

Let’s face it, it’s about time there were supplements available that you could feel certain would make a significant impact on your health. I mean, how much time have you spent trudging down the aisles of your local health food shop, surrounded with a multitude of vitamins and minerals in various different forms and sizes, wondering where on earth to start?

Without a doubt, there's a bewildering array of vitamins and minerals available these days, which only goes to make shopping for the right ones totally confusing. Which supplements should you choose, how many should you take, how often and for how long and most importantly will they work?

The biggest dilemma - Choosing the right type of supplements

This final question poses the biggest dilemma - What is the point of taking vitamins if you’re not entirely sure they’re going to have any effect at all? It may not come as a total surprise to learn that not all supplements are created equal.

Many supplements are produced in other countries from poor quality and cheap ingredients that may not be active.

According to research, some don't even contain the nutrients they say they do. Others are packed with more fillers and binders than ingredients and some come in forms that don't disintegrate sufficiently to be fully absorbed.

You will also find that many vitamins and minerals are bound together with other inorganic compounds such as…

- oxides

- carbonates

- sulphates

- phosphates

- chlorides (which are thought to be less well absorbed)

Aside from all this, a more concerning issue is that many products simply don't have the science or research to back up their ingredients or claims.

Disappointing to hear, huh?

Well, luckily there's no need to waste any more time trawling around health food shops trying to decipher the difference between one product and another. If you've been praying for something that will take the guesswork out of supplementation, here it is.

Liposomal technology has come to the rescue and is sure to become something you look back on with the same fondness as the day you discovered the sheer heaven of stretch jeans. Life’s never been the same since!

Although this ground-breaking technology started its journey within the medical world as a method of specialized drug delivery, it has now found a place in the supplement industry and is making the kind of health changes that are forcing people to sit up and take notice. Liposomal supplements are set to revolutionise complementary health care.

Understanding liposomal technology

OK, so…

- What is liposomal technology?

- What makes it so special?

- Why should you put your trust in this new and exciting form of supplementation? 

We'll keep it simple and focus on vitamin C. You've all heard of vitamin C after all, it’s probably one of the most widely used supplements available. Vitamin C is universally known for its value to human health and has been documented in thousands of studies. Luckily its physical properties make it an ideal candidate for liposomal encapsulation and delivery.

So first we’ll get the science bit out of the way and then we can take a look at some real life evidence.

Despite what you might think, taking large amounts of standard vitamin C is pretty pointless as the body can only absorb up to 200mg at a time. This is because our bodies maintain a very clever balancing act with certain nutrients and in the case of vitamin C there are tight controls within the intestines that regulate its absorption.

Other factors also affect the amount of vitamin C we can hold on to. Smokers use up lots more vitamin C than non-smokers. Additionally...

- alcohol

- chemicals

- heavy metals

- low stomach acid

poor diet


- an overgrowth of unhealthy bacteria in the gut

... may all have a detrimental effect on our vitamin C levels, which is where the magic of liposomal technology comes in.

Liposomal vitamin C sets itself apart from other forms of vitamin C because of its unique delivery system, which can overcome all of these obstacles.

Altrient® C's unique manufacturing process

The unique Altrient C manufacturing process produces cleverly designed phospholipid bubbles called liposomes. The phospholipid coating is very similar to the biological membrane that surrounds our own cells.

These membranes are designed to facilitate the transport of numerous chemicals as well as protect the cell’s contents. In much the same way, liposomes are able to protect the vitamin C they encapsulate from our body’s natural defence systems.

The microscopic bubbles of protective fatty acids are loaded with soluble vitamin C which is then protected from the digestive juices and transported quickly into the circulation which moves it directly to the cells that need it. It is this unique design that enables this highly potent vitamin C supplement to break through the body’s absorption barriers to effectively penetrate the target tissues.

Liposomes are super clever because they can incorporate and release both water soluble and fat soluble components simultaneously, whilst maintaining a protective barrier around their biologically active ingredients. This makes them resistant to:

- digestive enzymes

- gastric juices

- bile salts

- alkaline solutions

- gut bacteria

- and the free radicals that our bodies produce

The liposomal delivery system makes sure that the vitamin C you take - unlike others - is protected from oxidation and degradation and will deliver it undamaged to the exact target site where the body can best utilise it.

Liposomal supplements are all about absorption

Over three-quarters of the Vitamin C contained in most tablets and powders on the market is destroyed in the digestive system, never even making it to your bloodstream. Whereas the Vitamin C carried in a liposome can be in excess of ten times more bio-available bringing far greater benefits.

In comparison, choosing liposomal supplements is a bit of a no-brainer! And most importantly, studies show that liposomes increase stability and solubility allowing for greatly improved absorption in the body.

But don't just take our word for it, read about what other people have to say about their experiences using liposomal vitamins.

Rachel from Notting Hill says:

“I’m on a really strong medication where one of the side effects is bleeding gums. I was struggling with this for months but as soon as I started taking Altrient C it stopped altogether. Not only that but my Doctor keeps expecting me to get every cough and cold going but since using liposomal vitamin C I’ve not had a single problem and it’s already been 6 months.” 


Sarah from Wimbledon tells us:

"A couple of winters ago I felt myself coming down with a throat/cold bug that had spread throughout my family and as an experiment I took 6 Altrient C a day for 3 days to see if it helped. Miraculously the sore throat and cold never came to fruition, that was enough to convince me that Altrient C worked. It was the first time I had ever managed to nip a cold in the bud".


Louis J exclaimed: "Life saver!"

“The title says it all! Is an essential part of my anti-cancer protocol. I snuffed out cancer the natural way, still living strong regardless of what doctors told me what would happen to me if I forsook chemo/radiation. Excellent, excellent, excellent!”


Istvan G commented: "Helping a Father!"

“We read about the Lypo-spheric vitamin C and GSH online and thank goodness we could buy quickly the products. My father had throat cancer and he took 5 vit c and 2 GSH a day for 3 months, well he was given the green light for the doctors, of course, every two months he has to go for a check-up, but it did a lot of good for the whole family, we are taking it too the prevent flu and colds. Thank you!”


The response to liposomal supplements has been amazing, so much so that the grapevine has even reached the ears of some celebrity bloggers. Here’s what Gwyneth Paltrow has to say about Altrient C:

“Vitamin C in high doses wards off viruses and strengthens immunity, so when I get to my plane seat, I take 4 or 5 of these bad boys”.

As a frequent flyer, Gwyneth has made the right choice, the environment on an aircraft is a hotbed of circulating bugs, making it so easy to pick up a virus. Altrient C is well worth adding to your travel insurance!

These are just a handful of the anecdotes documented by frequent users. As well as all these wonderful recommendations, we know for sure how effective liposomal supplementation is because there is convincing evidence. Recent research has produced astounding results...

Clinical research

A leading expert in claim substantiation, Aspen Clinical Research reviewed the results of an Altrient C trial using 60 participants aged between 31 and 65 with visibly ageing skin. Half of those taking part took 3 sachets of Altrient® C a day for 4 weeks and the other half took a placebo. The Altrient C group found that after only 4 weeks of using the Altrient C their skin elasticity had improved considerably.

Almost half of those in the Altrient C group claimed to look younger at the end of the trial period and 100% of the participants were so impressed with the results they planned to replace all of their existing skin care products with Altrient C!

This research demonstrated a clear link between a reduction in the skin ageing process and the use of vitamin C via liposomal supplements.

Whilst vitamin C is an excellent example of the improvements brought about by liposomal technology this superior form of supplementation has the capability of enhancing the bioavailability of several other nutrients.

For this reason, Altrient has developed a limited but dynamic range by carefully choosing only vitamins that are poorly absorbed by the body or those that peak quickly and are eliminated rapidly.

Altrient is dedicated to offering vitamins that can harness this amazing delivery system to bring about optimal health. They are proud to admit that they will not sell products where the technology does not add value, as is the case with nutrients such as Co-Enzyme Q10 which is already easily absorbed.

If you value your health and longevity, don't cross your fingers next time you’re shopping for supplements; why rely on the lap of the gods? Get ahead of the game, invest in your health and make it happen by choosing liposomal supplements.

By Jacqueline Newson - BSc (Hons) Nutritional Therapy