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Vitamin D Articles

Since vitamin D plays such a starring role in our immune defence, a deficiency of vitamin D is of particular concern considering the types of viruses and winter infections currently in circulation.

  • Everything you need to know about vitamins D3 and K2

    Everything you need to know about vitamins D3 and K2


    With the new product launch of Neutrient D3+K2 now available on the Abundance & Health shop, Nutritional Therapist Jackie Newson explains the unique health benefits of vitamin D3 and K2 which act as a powerful team for those who want to invest in strong bones, healthy muscles, immune support and optimal cardiovascular health.

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  • Introducing Neutrient D3+K2

    Introducing Neutrient D3+K2


    We’ve just added a new winter wellness product to the Abundance and Health product range called Neutrient D3+K2. This unique vegan oral spray contains highly absorbable forms of the essential vitamins D3 and K2. Nutritional Therapist, Jackie Newson reveals lifestyle factors that lower vitamin D, explains the impact of a vitamin D or vitamin K deficiency, suggests an easy home test kit and reveals the best forms for effective supplements.

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