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Stop a Summer Hangover in its tracks with Liposomal Glutathione and Vitamin C

Thanks to amazing new liposomal nutrients like glutathione and vitamin C, you can potentially dodge the nasty summer hangover!

Stop a Summer Hangover in its tracks with Liposomal Glutathione and Vitamin C

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Thanks to amazing new liposomal nutrients like glutathione and vitamin C, you can potentially dodge the nasty summer hangover!

What is it about summer weddings, buffets and BBQ’s or beech and park picnics that make these occasions seem incomplete unless accompanied by a few cold beers, a shared bottle of fizz or a gorgeous cocktail?

Perhaps it’s the nostalgia of catching up with old friends, the stress of being surrounded by family members or simply the warming power of the sun melting your healthy willpower away!

If your social diary is already looking pretty full this summer then finding new ways to strategise a hangover is going to be your saving grace!

The depleting effects of alcohol

Delicious as it may be, alcohol is pretty toxic and has several hard-hitting side-effects on your body which you can start to compensate for.

Firstly, it’s the liver which is in charge of filtering this intoxicating substance from your bloodstream. As you are happily knocking back the shots and slurping up the summer cocktails, enzymes in your liver are working overtime to keep the level of alcohol in your blood from reaching potentially poisonous levels.

Why does the body go to all this trouble? Well, any alcohol that’s not broken down by the liver quickly travels to the brain where it interferes with the brain’s communication that's involved with our movement, speech, decision making, behaviour and memory.

Alcohol is pretty harmful to body cells and can contribute to inflammation, oxidative stress and can cause serious damage to body cells, tissue and organs which is why heavy drinkers have an increased risk of coronary heart disease, liver problems, weakened immune system, digestive conditions, pancreatic disorders and some types of cancer.

Glutathione - The Master Detoxifier

You’ve probably never even heard of glutathione and are wondering what on earth it is. Well, it is without a doubt it, the mother of all antioxidants.

It has multiple uses throughout the body but is probably best known for its detoxifying actions. It works tirelessly within the liver cells to render toxic substances harmless. These powerful properties have earned it the title of ‘master detoxifier’.

Glutathione plays a key role in helping liver cells detoxify alcohol and also protects them from the harmful intermediate substances that are generated during this detoxification process (formaldehyde and acetaldehyde).

During times when alcohol intake is higher than it should be, glutathione levels don’t get replenished and cells can easily become depleted leaving them vulnerable to damage.

Topping up on glutathione is a smart move but this nutrient, when taken as a standard supplement, has a reputation for being hard to absorb through the digestive tract.

Taking a liposomal form of glutathione such as Altrient Glutathione bypasses that glitch in absorption and helps to quickly and effectively replenish cellular glutathione levels reducing the risk of liver damage associated with high alcohol intake.

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Vitamin C to the rescue

One of the main nutrients that are depleted from the body by alcohol is vitamin C.

This nutrient helps enzymes in the liver detoxify alcohol so as your alcohol intake increases your level of vitamin C decreases. Depleted levels of vitamin C leave the body vulnerable to infection because vitamin C is one of our primary antioxidant nutrients that normally helps to boost the immune system and protect cells from viruses.

A run of boozy summer engagements could well leave your vitamin C levels a little low. Rather than waiting to feel washed out or vulnerable to a summer cold, a better strategy is to supplement with vitamin C across the summer months and take additional vitamin C before, during and after your boozy event.

This should make hangovers more manageable and also help to keep you free from summer infections and post party lethargy.

The good news is that vitamin C also helps to reduce cravings for alcohol making it easier to keep your drinks cleaner in-between social events!

Liposomal vitamin C booster

When it comes to vitamin C supplements science has dramatically evolved. Old-fashioned vitamin C supplements like such as ascorbic acid and ascorbates (buffered) have very much been superseded by liposomal forms of vitamin C such as Altrient Cs which have a far superior rate of absorption and faster cellular delivery.

When it comes to hangovers you need fast results and that’s why a liposomal form of vitamin C helps to achieve this.

For the ultimate summer protection and hangover rescue remedy make sure you keep topped up on liposomal vitamin C and glutathione.

So you can enjoy a social summer without damaging your body!

Susie Perry Debice

BSc Hons, Dip ION Food Scientist and Nutritional Therapist

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