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Boost Your Family's Immunity with Liposomal Vitamin C

As our kids return to the classroom, liposomal vitamin C becomes important for help them stay resilient against stomach bugs, viruses and stress

Boost Your Family's Immunity with Liposomal Vitamin C

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As your kids return to the classroom, liposomal vitamin C becomes important for helping them stay resilient against stomach bugs, viruses and stress that they’re likely to encounter.

The school years are often the most exciting and challenging years of our lives and the time when the body is growing at a phenomenal rate, the brain and IQ are developing rapidly, their behaviour is being shaped and social skills are being quickly learnt.

During this phase of life diet and fitness are tremendously important but often sadly unrecognised.

Many packed lunches or home meals do not provide children with all of the nutrients required. And lack of appropriate nutrition can often be reflected in tiredness, weight issues, emotional and behavioural issues and even skin and hormone imbalance.

 liposomal vitamin C Altrient C

Back to School with Liposomal Vitamin C

Ask any child what their favourite time of year is and the resounding answer is likely to be ‘the summer holidays’! Time away from the pressures of education and peer-to-peer emotional dynamics can do all school ages from tiny-tots to troublesome teenagers the world of good.

Long summer days spent building sandcastles on faraway beaches, camping trips to Devon and Cornwall or dancing into the sunset at a music festival are the perfect way to unwind from the school timetable.

As you desperately complete your online shopping for this seasons school uniform and sturdy school shoes, spare a thought for your child’s term-time healthcare and dietary requirements.



It’s not unusual for some kids, especially those going through rapid growth spurts and puberty to feel burnt out as the impact of stress surrounding exams notches up a gear. It’s the adrenal glands that cope with stress and these glands use up vast quantities of vitamin C, magnesium and B-vitamins in the process of churning our stress hormones.

Younger children are also prone to stressful episodes at school as there is much to keep clued up on both academically and socially. Swapping refined or ‘white’ starchy foods like bread, pasta and rice for brown or wholegrain alternatives can help to boost B-vitamins and including green leafy vegetables or citrus fruits into the daily diet helps to top-up vitamin C.

Supplementing with liposomal vitamin C and B-complex helps support the adrenal glands and the nervous system through these stressful times helping to settle them down and improve concentration, sleep, energy and mood.


Get protected!

There can be a lot of stale air in a classroom! During the Autumn and Winter terms, the heating is often cranked up and windows are rarely opened meaning that viruses and bacteria can build up in the air and infections can spread quickly.

Providing your child with a sachet of Altrient C at breakfast might just help support their immune system and build their resistance to circulating infections. Vitamin C has natural anti-viral properties and liposomal forms of vitamin C are fast and highly effective. Including purple berries in the diet with snacks or on breakfast cereal helps to naturally boost vitamin C levels.

 liposomal vitamin C Altrient C

Easy to take

One problem with many health supplements is that they are full of things you don’t want in there, like artificial colours, flavours and sweeteners. Pills and capsules can often contain bulking agents and can prove hard to swallow for children. One of the benefits of the Altrient range is that they are all in gel sachets making them easy-to-take. Altrient supplements are completely unadulterated, all natural, unsweetened and extremely pure.

Simply squeeze the gel into a small glass of tropical juice, apple juice or water stir and then pass to your child to drink it down in one go!

Support their immune systems and banish coughs and colds this autumn!

By Susie Perry Debice

BSc Hons, Dip ION Food Scientist and Nutritional Therapist