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Kick Insomnia To The Kerb

As the cold weather and darker days intensify, many of us are searching for ways to hibernate but for some people trying to get some sleep may be a total nightmare!

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How to improve sleep and tackle insomnia with liposomal nutrients.

As the cold weather and darker days intensify, many of us are searching for ways to hibernate but for some people trying to get some sleep may be a total nightmare! 

Whether your lack of shut-eye is due to a difficult job, a stressful environment or jet lag, not getting enough good quality sleep can lead to serious health problems, including depression and heart disease. Ongoing sleep defi­ciency also affects how well you think, react, work, learn and get along with others.

For many people, the change in daylight hours and cooler days can mean a shift in a low mood, heightened anxiety and trouble sleeping.

Nature not only provides a variety of foods that can help you feel sleepy but there are also plenty nutritional supplements that have been found to instil a sense of calm and improve both the quality and quantity of your sleep.

Vitamin C can help insomnia 

B vitamins for blood sugar balance

During the night your mind may be resting but your body is extremely busy resetting cells and body systems ready for the day ahead.

Immune cells are being generated and replenished, body pH is being re-balanced to the preferable alkaline state, cells and body tissues are being repaired and restructured, the nervous system is reset and nutrient co-factors for metabolic reactions are being topped up all over the body. This high level of metabolic activity depletes cellular energy reserves creating dips in blood sugar resulting in disturbed sleep patterns.

Focusing on a diet that helps to prevent blood sugar issues is a good place to start and having a healthy bedtime snack could also help - a nut and seed flapjack, or an oatcake with nut butter.

Supplements can also help smooth over blood sugar issues. Altrient Liposomal Vitamin B and Mineral Complex contains chromium in combination with B-vitamins and cinnamon which aids energy and metabolism during both the day and at night.

Make sure you choose a high-quality liposomal form like Altrient, as this is far more absorbable by the body. It actually reaches the cells that need it instead of just being passed out as waste!


Stress-busting vitamin C

A worried mind fuelled by an imbalance of stress hormones can also have a negative impact on sleep patterns.

One way to address the imbalance between stress hormones is to do at least 40 mins of cardiovascular exercise in the evening helping to raise serotonin levels and improve the ability to drop off to sleep.

Stress depletes vitamin C and Altrient C liposomal vitamin C has a fast-acting ability to top up blood levels of this vital nutrient and help restore and reset frazzled adrenal glands (the glands which help your body respond and cope with stress).

Avoiding stimulants such as tea, coffee and alcohol also helps to calm down stress hormones and improve the quality of sleep.

Drinking camomile tea before bed, listening to a meditation CD or reading a book rather than hooking up to a screen are all habits that encourage better sleep.

Vitamin C can help insomnia

Nature’s sleepy mineral

According to nutritionists a magnesium deficiency is often associated with restlessness and waking up frequently through the night. Magnesium is found in nuts and seeds and green leafy vegetables so it is definitely worth making sure your diet features these foods on a regular basis!


Liver support for sound sleep

The liver is a very active organ being responsible for carrying out over 400 reactions which span the detoxification of harmful chemicals to the processing of many hormones and body fats.

The liver is at its most active at night and in particular between 2 am and 4 am. Some naturopaths believe that if you wake during this time then it can be a sign of dehydration or a sluggish liver.

Cutting down on all those toxic lifestyle habits and processed foods is a step in the right direction. Supplementing with Altrient Glutathione may also help to support liver function and improve your sleep cycle.

Simple ways to happy slumber!


Susie Perry-Debice